My first experience cooking food for a large group of people was in Grade 8 home ec. I melted a spatula into a batch of blueberry pancakes and fed them to my classmates. I mean, it had to be food grade plastic, right? And who even made this spatula that was not heat resistant? Why did it even exist in this world? Everyone was fine, so.

I graduated high school and was enrolled at UPEI, and chickened out in August and took a job cooking, despite my obvious inabilities. Turns out, I was alright at it. I guess all you really need to start out as a cook is some common sense and maybe a little bit of self loathing.


So I did that for a while, then I enrolled in the culinary arts program at Holland College the next fall. I did an internship in Wolfville at Domaine de Grand Pre. I finished my program and ran the kitchen at the Island Stone Pub in Kensington for a few years before moving to Newfoundland with my other half to run Georgie's restaurant at the Anchor Inn hotel in Twillingate.

After 4 years of iceberg hunting, berry foraging, and having a baby - we moved back to PEI. And then, after a year of maternity leave, I wondered how I would ever juggle being a parent in an industry renowned for being physically and emotionally demanding.

Then I responded to an extremely vague Facebook ad about a new spot opening up in Summerside, looking for "foodies". Alex contacted me for an "interview", I brought my resume and portfolio that to this day he still hasn't looked at, and he's been calling me "the chef" ever since, so, I mean I guess that's what I am.

My food style is mostly Canadiana. I like to take retro food and modernize it. And I pickle practically everything, because what if there's some kind of zombie apocalypse?

Alex Clark, pictured with his wife Pascale Joannette (Also a huge part of the restaurant!),

has had a passion for cooking and everything food for a very long time! Raised in Linkletter Alex had the opportunity to explore nature freely as a child and grasp at a young age how lucky we are to live here. Alex & Pascale travel as often as possible always trying new restaurants and dining experiences, but most of all they enjoy time spent with family on a PEI beach with a good glass of Island wine!




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Committed to Excellence


Always striving for the best.

PEI has such an abundance of fine produce, seafood, meats, wines, beers, and spirits that need to be appreciated and showcased.